September 24th, 2020

Why You Need to invest in Genetic Testing in 2020

“If 2020 has proven anything it is the importance of a strong immune system for each and every one of us,” exclaims our founder Cyril Moukarzel.  

LifeDNA, is a Hawaii-based healthtech company that is dedicated to delivering personalized health and wellness insights via your unique genetic code. We create a dashboard for your health, where your lifestyle, environment, biometric, and genetic data are integrated to create a holistic approach towards your optimal wellness. 

In Cyril’s words, “The idea is to have a high-definition, 360-degree manual to your health.”

Cyril points out, “When you go to Ikea, you buy a piece of furniture, it comes with instructions on how to build that furniture. Our DNA is the book to who we are, the instructions on how our enzymes and proteins build and process certain things.”

Using your DNA means we can create a more personalized and proactive approach to your health, unlike the traditional healthcare model that is largely one-size-fits-all and reactive. 

We believe that your DNA is the future of healthcare and that more than ever, innovation will potentially push genetics to the forefront of medicine. Not only will millions of people benefit from what DNA can offer, but those who invest in its future will also reap long term ROI. For these reasons, we highly encourage you to invest in genetics to be the future cornerstone of our healthcare model. 

Why is a Genetic Test Important in 2020?

In the midst of uncertainty, only one thing is for sure—we all react differently to COVID. 

Researchers are now diligently working to reveal how our genetic makeup can determine our reactivity to the virus. In fact, LifeDNA has teamed up with the University of Hawaii to identify those that are most vulnerable to the current and future SARS attacks and COVID based on their genetics. 

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LifeDNA is currently in the process of providing a genetic report based on DNA to help you see if you’re predisposed to COVID based on this extensive research collaboration. 

Though there is still much work to be done, imagine a future where a simple genetic test can tell you if you're susceptible to any virus with extreme accuracy. Imagine, how many lives could be saved? 

For that reason alone, we believe it’s worth investing in the potential of genetic testing, and LifeDNA’s research with the University of Hawaii through MicroVentures. 

In addition, genetic testing is important because it has the capability to: 

“What we understand from what's going on in the world is it's critical to have an optimized immune system,” Cyril continues. “For example, having certain vitamin deficiencies is going to have an impact. Vitamin D and vitamin C are very important to immunity. If you have a weakness in absorbing those types of vitamins, it's going to be important to know if those genetic markers are present.”

Daily research on DNA health is coming forward driving an expanding knowledge base and increasing access to information. Thus, it’s a technology that will last beyond the pandemic as it can help us understand not only how we’ll react to bacteria and viruses, but also foods, prescriptions, exercise, stress, and even skincare products. 

Why Invest in LifeDNA?

“We launched a raise on MicroVentures because we realize the more capital we deploy earlier on, the more positive impact we can have on humanity. Our model is ‘doing well by doing good.’ Investors benefit when the world does,” says Cyril. 

Since our inception in 2017, LifeDNA has achieved many milestones, including:

  • Serving more 11,500 customers globally, with the company growing its users 1,291% in Q2.
  • Growing in April 2020 to a record of 2,671 new users.
  • Partnering with Health First Network, a Canadian health and wellness retailer with 130 stores, in July 2020.
  • Generating $315,516 of revenue in 2020, up 224% when compared to the same period in 2019.
  • Being featured in Forbes, Daily Mail, Entrepreneur, CNN Philippines, and others
  • Taking a security-first approach with zero data-breaches since founding.
  • Partnering with Steve Markowitz, the founder of

All of our key growth indicators are lining up and we hope you check out the full details of our offering on MicroVentures.

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The $4 trillion health and wellness global industry is becoming an increasingly large part of the economy and consumers’ lives. Wellness has moved from being an episodic thought for most consumers to something that drives daily decisions around food purchases, mental health, fitness, environmental consciousness, and more. Now, there is an increasing demand for personalized care solutions for individual medical, nutritional, and wellness profiles which LifeDNA is positioned to fill. 

LifeDNA’s growth trajectory and feedback from early users indicate a path to fulfilling their vision. Cyril says, “We're working to build LifeDNA as a company that could go public and thrives on its own. If we get an acquisition offer along the way, we might consider it. We're definitely looking at strategic partnerships with larger companies and are already in talks with a few. These are forward-looking statements, of course, and nothing can be guaranteed. Right now, we’re on a mission and we can’t be stopped!”

If you’re interested in learning more, please check out our raise page on MicroVentures.

What are your thoughts on the future of genetic testing? 

Reach out to us! We’re curious to hear your thoughts!