LifeDNA Overview 2

How It Works

Subjective lifestyle and environmental data via questionnaire.

Introduce objective
biometrics data.

  • Blood analysis
  • Microbiome
  • Wearables (AppleWatch,
    Fitbit, etc.)

Use our machine learning
algorithm to provide
personalized solutions and

Combine objective and subjective data, start tracking improvements to consumers’ health, effectively creating a feedback loop that further improves the machine learning algorithm.


  • LifeDNA’s personalization approach allows Your Brand to deliver the right wellness solution to the right customer, drastically improving LTV.
  • Your customers’ results are optimized by linking Your Brand’s solutions to their individual genetic, lifestyle, and environmental needs.
  • LifeDNA enables the biggest brands in health and wellness to innovate and meet the rising demand for personalization.
  • The Dashboard of the Human Body allows Your
    Brand’s recommendations to continuously improve
    over time.

Cyril Moukarzel

Icon metro-quote

These reports are great! Can I share them with my doctor?

Tamara Fuchs

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LifeDNA gives me things to
do with my DNA health
information. Not just information
to look at…

Amy Reavis

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The information you’ve given me is going to be super helpful with my weight management.

Shereen Mertz

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