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Discover Your Genetic Wellness Profile: Advanced DNA Testing for Methylation and Overall Well-Being

Tap into your DNA’s hidden secrets and unlock actionable insights that can help you transform your body and achieve your wellness goals in no time.

  • Over 120 Genetic Hacks
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Here's what makes LifeDNA a game-changer:

120+ DNA-Tailored Reports Designed To Support Your Overall Well-being

  • Achieve sustainable weightloss without starving yourself, or wasting time on fad diets and ineffective workouts.
  • Explore your sleep, skin, as well as your personality traits and stress triggers. 

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Optimization

  • Dive into undiscovered talents and passions.
  • Discover potential genetic predispositions and unlock strategies to better for prepare for wellness challenges.

Accelerate Your Path to Well-being

  • Say goodbye to guesswork with your DNA leading the way.
  • Embrace personalized recommendations, leaving one-size-fits-all approaches behind.

Unlock Your DNA Like Never Before

  • Discover insights that are not offered by other DNA wellness tools.
  • Unlock genetic secrets that are typically missed by other DNA testing companies.

Discover Why Customers Love LifeDNA

Awesome service that gives a deeper insight into how to better improve your overall well-being. Quick and easy product to use with an excellent customer service team. Thank you LifeDNA for helping me better understand myself!

– D. Ramos

I am so thankful I finally decided to take the plunge and submit my DNA. I am very happy with LifeDNA! I also get weekly reports on new things.

–  L. Williams

Really clear instructions on how to download and upload your DNA. Easy to follow explanations of what was discovered.

– Talia C.

After years of trying to follow a low-carb diet, I learned I have a low carbohydrate sensitivity and should be incorporating them into my meals, according to my DNA report. At the end of the six weeks, I dropped about five pounds.



– Erica T.

This was a very interesting and unique experience! I highly recommend it to everyone who has done the DNA testing. Everything that it discovered were things that I thought were so or maybe didn’t even think about it, but all of the results were spot on! I loved it so much that I plan on having the other kids in my family do this too!


– K. Pennington

Explore Unique DNA-Personalized Insights for Methylation and Wellness: Start Your Journey Now!

Discover hundreds of genetic insights that have the potential to change your life and transform your body. Unlock our best-selling Methylation Genes Report and gain powerful insights into your MTHR gene and other genes that could be key to unlocking your full genetic potential! 

Works with:

Methylation Genes Report


Upload your DNA and explore a range of gene reports featuring your MTHFR gene, COMT gene, VDR gene, and many others. Discover how your methylation can influence various aspects of your life. No DNA Kit Included. 

See what’s included:

  • Methylation Genes Report

    • MTHRF gene
    • COMT gene
    • VDR gene
    • CBS gene
    • MTR gene
    • BHMT gene
    • SHMT gene
    • AHCY gene
    • ACAT gene
    • MAO A gene
    • MTHFD1 gene
    • NOS3 gene

Methylation Genes Report + Wellness Report Bundle


Get your Methylation Genes Report and 7 other reports with 120+ unique traits on nutrition, vitamins, fitness, sleep, skin, personality wellness, and more. Plus, get unlimited updates, new traits weekly, & other exclusive DNA tools. No DNA Kit Included.

See what’s included:

  • Methylation Genes Report
  • Nutrition Report
  • Fitness Report
  • Vitamins & Supplements Report
  • Wellness Report
  • Personality & Cognition Report
  • Skincare Report
  • New Traits Weekly
  • Genomic Newsletters
  • Wellness Goals
  • 25% discount on all LifeDNA reports and products

Methylation Genes Report + Wellness Test Bundle


Get everything in your Methylation Genes Report + Wellness Report Bundle, along with a DNA kit.

See what’s included:

  • DNA Test Kit
  • Methylation Genes Report
  • Nutrition Report
  • Fitness Report
  • Vitamins & Supplements Report
  • Wellness Report
  • Personality & Cognition Report
  • Skincare Report
  • New Traits Weekly
  • Genomic Newsletters
  • Wellness Goals
  • 25% discount on all LifeDNA reports and products

Explore Your Personalized Roadmap to Better Wellness

Explore 8 Powerful Reports, Uncovering Over 130 Unique Traits

Nutrition Report

Take your nutrition to the next level. Achieve sustainable weight loss without starving yourself, spending countless hours at the gym, or wasting time on fad diets.

  • Carbohydrate Metabolism
  • Saturated Fat Metabolism
  • Weight Change
  • Gluten Sensitivity
  • Lactose Tolerance

Vitamins and Supplements Report

Get a clear understanding of which vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you potentially need based on your DNA analysis.  

  • Cholesterol Levels
  • Iron Levels
  • Probiotic Need
  • Calcium Levels
  • Zinc Levels

Fitness Report

Supercharge Your Workout Routine – Level Up Your Exercise with Personalized Fitness Insights.

  • Power vs Endurance
  • Post Exercise Recovery Rate
  • Injury Predisposition
  • Blood Pressure and Exercise
  • Weight Loss and Exercise

Wellness Report

Say goodbye to generic wellness approaches and welcome a new era of personalized DNA insights tailored to optimize your well-being, empowering you to thrive.

  • Longevity
  • Kidney Stone Predisposition
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Diet and DNA Damage
  • Motion Sickness

Methylation Genes Report

Get Personalized Insights Based On Your DNA’s Unique Methylation Gene Mutation.

  • MTHFR Gene
  • COMT Gene
  • VDR Gene
  • CBS Gene
  • MTR Gene
  • BHMT gene
  • SHMT gene
  • AHCY gene
  • ACAT gene
  • MAO A gene
  • MTHFD 1 gene
  • NOS3 gene

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Your Genetic Data is Safe with Us

At LifeDNA, we value your privacy above all else. We employ cutting-edge encryption and security measures to protect your genetic information. With a flawless track record of zero data breaches, we stand firm in our commitment to safeguarding your personal data.


Groundbreaking Insights Backed by Research

Our Scientific Advisors ensure that your reports provide comprehensive insights into your genetic makeup. The LifeDNA team of dietitians and genetic researchers is committed to providing actionable steps for optimizing your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have already taken a DNA test before. Can I upload my existing raw data?

Absolutely! Our system is comppatible with 23andme, Ancestry, My Heritage, Living DNA, and Family Tree DNA data. You simply need to upload your raw file from any at these companies, and your result will be generated in a few hours.

Will this report dianose any diseases or conditions that I may have?

No, our reports do not diagnose you with any diseases. The LifeDNA Reports primarily provide information on your nutrition, fitness, supplementation wellness, personality, cognition, and skin care, sleep, and methylation.

Will you sell my data to third parties like insurance companies? how fo you protect my data?

No. When you upload your DNA to LifeDNA, you keep 100% ownership over your data. We will NEVER sell your data, and we will NEVER share it without your permission.

Your data is encrypted, protected, and safe. You can have your DNA information deleted anytime. Just send us a message and we’ll do so right away.

*Our reports have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The contents on our website and our reports are for informational purposes only, and are not intended to diagnose any medical condition, replace the advice of a healthcare professional, or provide any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Consult with a healthcare professional before making any major lifestyle changes or if you have any other concerns about your results. The testimonials featured may have used more than one LifeDNA or LifeDNA vendors’ product or reports.