How It Works

Easy, Quick,
Non-invasive DNA Test.

Our saliva collection kit makes it easier for you to take a DNA test from the comfort
of your home. All you need to provide is a small saliva sample. It’s simple and non-invasive.

Get Started In Three Simple Steps

No blood. No needles. Just your saliva.



Get your DNA Test Bundle + Platinum Membership. Our DNA kit takes 3-7 days to get to you.



Follow the instructions in your kit on how to collect your DNA sample and send it back to our lab. It takes around 5 days to ship your saliva swab back to us.



It takes two weeks for your DNA sample to be analyzed in our lab. As soon as your reports are generated, we will send you a notification via email. You will then be able to explore your personalized reports.

Already Taken A DNA test?

Simply upload your raw data and your reports will be generated instantly.


Most In-depth Reports. Latest Genetic Research.

We bring thousands of peer-reviewed studies and journals into your hands.

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