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Data Security

LifeDNA is dedicated to providing the robust data privacy and security controls required for DNA testing and DNA analysis.

What we do with your data and personal information

LifeDNA ensures transparency about the type of data we collect, the purposes for which we do so, and how we utilize it. Personal information is typically processed by LifeDNA for the following reasons:

  • DNA kit purchase (s).
  • Make an account, then add a kit to that account.
  • Promote our reports and other DNA – personalized services.
  • Conduct website maintenance, analytics, and network and infrastructure security, as well.


Generally, we process highly sensitive personal data, such as genetic information, and other personal data in order to:

  • Process your sample at the lab.
  • Generate your reports.
  • Maintain and improve the tools, features, and usability of your account.
  • Take part in the LifeDNA research if you’ve consented to participate.
  • Address your concerns through our Support specialists.

Gaining access to, downloading, and deleting your data.

At LifeDNA, we would like you to understand how we secure your personal information, why we store it, and to who we disclose it. 

  • LifeDNA customers can ask for a copy of their data by contacting our Support Team at [email protected].
  • You can request your data to be deleted at any time. Simply submit our request to our Support Team. Data deletion is irreversible and cannot be stopped, reversed, retracted, or undone.
  • We do not disclose our users’ information to law authorities unless we are obliged to do so by a legal subpoena or court order.
  • LifeDNA has never had a data breach in our system, and we regularly check our security measures in order to keep DNA information protected at all times.

Protecting your data.

We put in place the proper organizational and technical mechanisms to provide a level of security corresponding with the risk involved in processing personal data. Your DNA and personal information are protected by well-renowned organizational and technical safeguards.

These safeguards help prevent unauthorized access to your genetic information and to guarantee that it is used responsibly.

Managing our third-party service providers.

The majority of data processing necessary to provide our DNA-personalized reports and insights is carried out directly by LifeDNA. However, we do work with a few outside service providers to help support our services, particularly in the following areas:

  • Lab
  • Courier (for DNA kit purchases)

Each third-party service provider can guarantee the proper level of security and data protection thanks to our meticulous screening procedure. For more information, check out LifeDNA’s Privacy Policy.

Got questions about LifeDNA’s security or found a security-related issue?

Please contact us at [email protected].

In an effort to safeguard our community, LifeDNA encourages users to inform us of any security-related problems with our website. If you think you’ve discovered a vulnerability or issue, we ask that you send us a thorough explanation of the problem, along with instructions on how we can reproduce it and/or a proof-of-concept.

Please give our team a reasonable amount of time to reply to your concern and resolve the issue after you submit it to us. We sincerely appreciate all that you do to keep our community safe.