Dante Labs Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

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Dante Labs Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

Date of Content:  December 21, 2023
Written by: Avanthika Nityanand
Reviewed by: Maarit Tiirikainen, Ph


About Dante Labs

Dante Labs is part of Dante Genomics, a premier global genomics and precision medicine company established by Andrea Riposati and Mattia Capulli in 2016. Its mission revolves around making genomics accessible to everyone, aiming to enhance healthcare delivery, improve health outcomes, and save lives through a more human-centered approach. 

The name Dante Genomics embodies the fusion of humanity and science. Dante pays homage to the renowned Italian humanitarian poet, symbolizing the humanistic aspect. Genomics signifies the cutting-edge scientific work conducted in genomic laboratories.

Since its inception, Dante Genomics has specialized in leveraging whole genome sequencing (WGS) technology and variant interpretation. This specialization enables individuals to make informed decisions about their health and future, aligning with the company’s goal of democratizing access to genomic information. With a commitment to affordability and quality, Dante Genomics has provided hundreds of thousands of individuals with genomic solutions that inform their healthcare decisions. 

The company’s comprehensive approach extends beyond sequencing and variant interpretation, encompassing drug discovery and development, thus exemplifying its dedication to advancing the field of medicine and contributing significantly to personalized healthcare.

Dante Labs


Whole Genome Sequencing

Dante Genomics specializes in WGS, a genetic testing method that decodes an individual’s entire DNA. Their service offers 30x coverage, which means the genome is analyzed 30 times, enhancing the detection of genomic information. This level of analysis provides a more detailed genetic profile compared to whole exome sequencing (WES) or targeted genetic tests.

Clients receive raw genetic data, allowing them to choose specific reports or seek further analysis from genetic counselors or clinicians. Dante Genomics caters to individuals and professionals in the medical and research fields. The Dante Genome Test, which includes sequencing the whole genome and using the company’s Extensa software platform for genomic interpretation, is available for individuals. For medical professionals and researchers, Dante Genomics provides medical genomic tests and next-generation sequencing (NGS) solutions to support research in biotechnology and academia.

The company’s Genome Manager platform enables customers to track their genome analysis process, from sample receipt to the conclusion of the analysis.


The Health and Risk Report offers individuals insights into their potential risk of developing diseases and conditions, encouraging a proactive approach to health management. It provides actionable insights based on individual genomic data, allowing for informed health decisions.

The Wellness Report informs individuals about lifestyle habits best suited to their body needs, as determined by their genomic profile. It aims to offer actionable insights for a healthier lifestyle, guiding choices in daily living.

The Scientific Fitness Report provides actionable advice on training, sports, and physical activities, all based on an individual’s whole genome. This report assists in developing a personalized workout regimen that aligns with one’s genetic makeup.

The Nutrigenetic (and Wellness Report) focuses on the relationship between food groups and an individual’s genes. It aims to help create the most effective and personalized diet plan, ideally in consultation with a specialist. This report can be instrumental in tailoring dietary choices to one’s unique genetic predispositions.

Price: USD 500. It currently costs USD 199 for the holiday season.

All panels: https://us.dantelabs.com/products/all-panels-package

Check out the full range of reports and price updates here.

Comprehensive Rare Disease Package

The Comprehensive Rare Disease Health Package offers a personalized approach to understanding and managing rare diseases. This service utilizes high-resolution whole genome sequencing combined with detailed interpretation to create a focused report on rare diseases tailored to an individual’s genetic profile. 

The package goes beyond just providing a report; it includes an opportunity for patients to discuss their results with a certified rare disease specialist via an online consultation. This approach empowers patients with knowledge and tools for proactive health management.

The package includes several key components:

  • Comprehensive Whole Genome Sequencing Test: This test thoroughly scans the entire genome with 30X coverage, offering high accuracy and reliability. It differs from other tests that only examine specific regions of the DNA, providing a more complete genetic picture.
  • Personalized Genomic Rare Disease Report: Prepared by a team of physicians and genetic counselors, this report combines a patient’s genetic profile with their medical history and symptoms. It focuses specifically on rare diseases, offering personalized insights into the patient’s DNA.
  • Rare Disease Specialist Consultation: Patients have access to a network of certified rare disease specialists. The consultation is conducted remotely, providing precise, personalized care and support.

The process for utilizing this service involves several steps:

  • Ordering the Kit: Patients receive a non-invasive collection kit shipped free of charge worldwide.
  • Sample Collection: The sample is collected using simple instructions and returned to the lab with a pre-paid shipping label.
  • Completing a Questionnaire: Patients provide personal and medical information through a secure questionnaire to personalize their results.
  • Receiving the Personalized Report: After sample processing, an in-depth report is delivered, offering insights about genetic profiles and potential rare disease risks.
  • Consulting with a Specialist: An online consultation with a rare disease specialist is scheduled to discuss report results and address any questions.

This comprehensive package is designed to help individuals with rare diseases navigate their health journey with informed and proactive care, all from the comfort of their homes.

Price: USD 799. 

Check for price updates here.

WGP HiFi Reads Whole Genome Sequencing Test

WGP HiFi Reads represent a significant advancement in whole genome sequencing technology. This method combines the advantages of short and traditional long reads in a single test, offering advanced analysis, quicker genome assembly, more uniform coverage, and a higher likelihood of sequencing difficult genome regions. 

With the use of Highly Accurate Long Reads technology, this approach delivers superior performance in various applications, including variant detection, de novo sequencing, genome structure analysis, and epigenetics studies.

The technology provides a comprehensive view of human genomes, achieving high precision and recall for all variant types, including those missed by short-read sequencing. It enables accurate detection and phasing of haplotypes across a wide range of variant types, from single nucleotide to structural variants, even in challenging genomic regions.

Overall, this integrated approach to whole genome sequencing and analysis represents the most advanced technology in the market, offering superior performance for a range of applications and personalized health and wellness insights.

Price: USD 1899 

Check for price updates here.


Users can download their data as needed, with the flexibility to access it from any preferred location. This data access offers insights for immediate and future use. The handling of all data complies with EU GDPR and HIPAA, adhering to strict privacy standards. The organization’s policy is not to share or sell user data.

Do You Need To Get Your Genome Sequenced?

The relevance and utility of WGS depend on specific personal, medical, and research contexts. Here is a breakdown to better understand when WGS is a necessity and when it is not:

When WGS Might Be Necessary

Diagnosing Complex Genetic Conditions

In cases where patients present with complex, undiagnosed symptoms that suggest a genetic origin, WGS can be essential for identifying rare genetic disorders.

Cancer Treatment and Research

For certain types of cancer, WGS can provide crucial insights into the genetic mutations driving the cancer as a guide for targeted therapy decisions.


When understanding an individual’s genetic makeup can significantly influence the choice and dosage of medications, WGS can be necessary to prevent adverse drug reactions or ensure efficacy.

Rare Disease Research

In the context of research, particularly for rare diseases, WGS is often necessary to understand the genetic underpinnings of these conditions.

When WGS Is Not Necessarily Required

Routine Medical Care

For standard medical care and check-ups, WGS is not a routine necessity. Most common conditions and diseases are diagnosed and treated without needing WGS.

General Health Information

More comprehensive or targeted genetic testing might be required for individuals seeking general health information or minor genetic insights (like trait analysis).

Ancestry and Genealogy

Specific ancestry-focused genetic tests, less comprehensive and costly than WGS, are usually adequate for those interested in ancestry and family history.

Alternative To Dante Lab WGS: Why LifeDNA?

LifeDNA has emerged as a prominent option for analyzing 23andMe and many other raw data sources, owing to a combination of unique offerings and a commitment to personalized wellness. 

We offer a basic DNA raw data analysis package to kickstart your journey. Users with raw data from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, etc., can access 194+ traits across interests such as Nutrition, Wellness, Vitamins and Supplements, Personality, Fitness, Sleep, Methylation, and Skincare.

Further, if you do not have raw DNA data, such as from 23andMe, LifeDNA provides that too. Start your personalized wellness journey with LifeDNA’s state-of-the-art DNA kits here.

Here is why many regard LifeDNA as the best option for making the most of your 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and other raw data:

  • Holistic Approach to Wellness: Unlike many other platforms that focus strictly on health-related risks or ancestry, LifeDNA adopts a holistic approach. We analyze genetic data to offer personalized optimizations for nutrition (including a customized grocery list!), skin care, vitamins & supplements, wellness, personality & cognition, and fitness. This range lets users get a complete picture of their wellness needs based on their DNA.
  • Product Recommendations: We go beyond just providing insights. We offer specific product recommendations, skincare ingredients, or supplements tailored to an individual’s genetic profile. It makes our service actionable, allowing users to make immediate changes based on their results.
  • Data Security: At LifeDNA, we place a high emphasis on protecting user data. Our commitment to privacy ensures that users can trust the platform with their sensitive genetic information.
  • User-Friendly Reports: LifeDNA reports are easy to interpret. Our reports are designed to be accessible to the layperson without compromising on the depth and accuracy of the information.
  • Continual Updates: As genetic research evolves, so does LifeDNA’s platform. Users can expect their reports and insights to be updated with the latest scientific findings.
  • Dedicated Research and Development: At LifeDNA, we invest in research to continually refine our algorithms, ensuring that the insights provided are based on cutting-edge science.
  • Educational Resources: LifeDNA also provides ample resources for users to understand their genetic makeup better. This education-first approach demystifies the complex world of genetics, making it approachable and actionable for everyone.
  • Scientific rigor: To create an unmatched commitment to scientific rigor, LifeDNA partners with CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited, and HIPAA-compliant laboratories.


Customer Reviews

Christopher Devlin
Christopher Devlin
LifeDNA Customer
Read More
I am so impressed with this service. I have even discussed these recommendations with my health care providers and they are all impressed too! I can’t compare it with other services as I have only tried this but I recommend. Also I think I pulled my genetics in from ancestry too which was super convenient.
LifeDNA Customer
Read More
Great source of information I was looking for a platform to make use of my existing raw data from Ancestry. I’m glad I found LifeDNA. I originally took a DNA test to learn about my roots and it’s great to know that my DNA could also play a big role in my health, diet, and even my skin. Overall, all the reports are incredible.
Shiraz Dole
Shiraz Dole
LifeDNA Customer
Read More
It is crazy how I felt that I had a strong understanding of my bodies needs, but after having my DNA analyzed by the LifeDNA team, I realized that there was so much I still did not know.
Doc Sheila Lim
Doc Sheila Lim
LifeDNA Customer
Read More
I got some pretty useful insight that helped me with my diet.

*Understanding your genetics can offer valuable insights into your well-being, but it is not deterministic. Your traits can be influenced by the complex interplay involving nature, lifestyle, family history, and others.

Our reports have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The contents on our website and our reports are for informational purposes only, and are not intended to diagnose any medical condition, replace the advice of a healthcare professional, or provide any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Consult with a healthcare professional before making any major lifestyle changes or if you have any other concerns about your results. The testimonials featured may have used more than one LifeDNA or LifeDNA vendors’ product or reports.