Is 23andMe Accurate? Find Out Now.

Is 23andMe Accurate? Why Knowing More About DNA Testing Can Help Your Wellness

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As DNA studies have come further than it ever has in the past, people are now realizing how important it is to know more about their genetics. Although this field of science is relatively new, it is by no means less important than other studies that have helped medicine progress in recent years. In fact, genetic testing has done so much for modern medicine. 


What’s even more fascinating about genetics is that it can tell so much about an individual – their ancestry, genetic predispositions, and overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 


With DNA testing services like 23andMe, you can now find out so much more about your genetics and what your unique genetic traits say about you.

What is 23andMe?

23andMe is one of the most popular genetic testing services on the market today. This genetic testing company uses genotyping to analyze DNA samples of individuals who pay for their plans. Genotyping refers to a scientific process or method where specific locations of a person’s genome are analyzed to determine what sets them apart from everyone else. 


The results from this testing are then turned into personalized genetic reports that include ancestry composition, genetic health predispositions, overall wellness checks, and plenty of others. The best part about 23andMe, according to some users, is that they use non-invasive methods when gathering a DNA sample. With a simple saliva sample using the provided test kit that you paid for, 23andMe can genotype your DNA with no problem.


The waiting time for results may vary but with an approximate timeline of 4 to 6 weeks. You will be able to view your reports in your account and track your DNA sample’s progress on your profile home page. Luckily for you and the 23andMe users from all over the world, their website is easy to navigate and user-friendly.

How Accurate is 23andMe? 

Ancestry Accuracy


The 23andMe Ancestry Composition Report compares your DNA to the DNA of thousands of people from all over the globe to figure out where your ancestors may have come from. The company has one of the largest data sets in the entire world which helps them generate the most detailed and accurate ancestry breakdowns you will today. 


The way this works is by dividing your genome into thousands of segments and then estimating the ancestry of each segment and locating where in the world it closely matches. While the algorithm that 23andMe uses is based on probabilities, they’re generally very accurate thanks to the advanced technology and the best data that the company uses. 


However, these results are not set in stone and it is 23andMe lifelong mission to always improve and refine these estimates in order to provide the most accurate results. 

Health and Wellness Accuracy

23andMe’s Health and Wellness Reports explore how genetics can influence an individual’s diet, exercise, and sleep. Some parts of the Wellness Reports are based on specific genetic variants that have support from the vast 23andMe database and scientific literature. 


These reports will tell an individual how their genetic traits influence the many factors of their life including their potential genetic risks for certain diseases, food sensitivities, personality traits, and even cognitive abilities. 

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Best Tools to Use with 23andMe 

LifeDNA is fast becoming a top choice for those people who have already taken a DNA test with 23andMe and are looking for a more in-depth DNA analysis and reports that are comprehensive, actionable, and easily understandable. If you find you want something that makes the most out of your 23andMe data, LifeDNA may be your best bet. 


With comprehensive and scientifically-backed reports, LifeDNA will provide you with personalized reports and insights by simply uploading your 23andMe data. Each trait report we provide will include the scientific studies and research used to back up the findings. 


LifeDNA offers over 120 unique traits on nutrition, fitness, vitamins, wellness, personality, skincare, and more. If you’re ready to discover your unique traits based on DNA, click here to get started.  

LifeDNA Reports

LifeDNA's Genetic Testing

LifeDNA’s non-invasive genetic testing is quick, easy, and can be safely done in the comforts of your own home. This is very similar to 23andMe’s DNA sample test kit. Once purchased, the kit will take approximately 3 to 7 days to be delivered to your desired address. When you are ready to send back the saliva sample, it will take around 5 days for it to reach LifeDNA’s labs. Your results will then be sent back to the lab so we can analyze your sample and generate your reports.


There will be 3 to 5 weeks of waiting for your DNA sample to be analyzed in the lab. Once the reports are generated, you will be automatically notified via the email.

Benefits of Using LifeDNA 

As mentioned earlier, we offer a variety of reports that are designed to help you take action on your wellness so you can live a healthier and more fulfilling life. 


Here are some of the DNA reports we offer:


Vitamins and Supplements Report

Vitamins and minerals are essential for a healthy body. However, like in most things, moderation is key. Too much of a certain vitamin or mineral may also have its risks. With the Vitamins and Supplements Report, you can discover potential toxicity or insufficiency for certain nutrients. Always consult with your doctor first before taking any medications.

Nutrition Report

Food is a vital part of life. It is what sustains the human body for daily tasks and living. The topic of nutrition can be a sensitive one but that is all the more reason why you need to know more about the nutritional traits that may be affected by your genetics. This part of the report can tell you about your metabolism, whether or not you should avoid gluten or dairy, and if you have potential food allergies or sensitivities. 


Want to discover what foods and nutrients work best for you and your unique body? Get LfieDNA’s Nutrition Report today

Wellness Report

Wellness is a vague and broad term but in this case, this part of the report will tell you about certain wellness indicators that can be affected by your genetics. Some examples of these are kidney stone predisposition, insomnia, and longevity.

Fitness Report

Fitness is not a one-time thing, it is a lifelong endeavor. Some people refer to fitness as a lifestyle and they’re not wrong. In LifeDNA’s reports, the Fitness part will tell you a predicted baseline to help you set realistic and attainable fitness goals in the long run. It will help you figure out which areas of your body and muscles you should particularly focus on. You’ll even find out if your body is more suited for cardio or weight training.


Ready to discover what fitness activities work best for your body? Check out LifeDNA’s Fitness Report today. 

Personality and Cognition Report

Your personality and cognitive abilities may also be affected by your DNA. This part of your result will take a deep dive into your personality, intelligence, creativity, and other unique cognitive abilities and personality traits.

Skincare Report


The world of skincare doesn’t have to seem so daunting. With thousands of skincare products to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose which ones to use. Your Skincare report can tell you so much about your skin type as well as your genetic predisposition towards acne, psoriasis, facial wrinkles, and other conditions. 

Who Can Use 23andMe?

Ideally, 23andMe is for every individual who wants to know more about their DNA. The procedure is non-invasive and requires little to no help from any other person so it is accessible to most. The DNA test kit is delivered straight to your home and picked up the same way to be sent to 23andMe’s laboratories for genotyping. 

Compared to hair or blood samples, this procedure is generally and typically painless. If you feel like this DNA testing service is a good fit for you, try it out for yourself. 

If you have never taken a test yet and would like to learn more about how your DNA influences your nutrition, wellness, vitamin levels, personality, skincare, and fitness, try LifeDNA today

What can mess up a DNA test?

While 23andMe’s DNA sample test kit is designed for comfort and ease, there are still limitations as to who can use it. Some of these limitations may include:


  • People who are unable to spit or produce an adequate amount of saliva. If you are not able to provide a sample using the collection kit, there is no way to analyze your DNA using 23andMe. 

  • If you are undergoing a medical treatment that reduces your white blood cell count, such as chemotherapy, it is advised to wait at least 3 to 5 weeks after the last treatment or until the white blood cell count has returned to normal before submitting your DNA sample.

  • People who have received a bone marrow transplant may have unclear results. In case the DNA analysis was successful, the results could be a false positive that was based on the DNA of the person providing the sample or the donor.

DNA analysis


DNA testing has proven to not only be useful but insightful nowadays. People can now learn more than just about their ancestry when looking at an analysis of their genetics. Your genetic trait can tell you so much about your health, physical appearance, mental capabilities, and even your personality. 


23andMe offers a wide range of reports that you can use to improve your lifestyle, However, if you’re looking for something new yet similar to 23andMe, LifeDNA offers non-invasive DNA testing kits you can use at home. 


Much like 23andMe and all the other testing centers, LifeDNA protects its users’ data and information. It is also one of the top DNA analysis services when it comes to custom DNA reports that uses existing DNA test results to help you uncover more insights into your overall wellness.


Consider your options and go for the ones that fit your needs best. LifeDNA offers premium plans with in-depth and comprehensive reports on your overall well-being. Are you ready to dive into the world of genetic testing? Start your journey with LifeDNA today.

*Understanding your genetics can offer valuable insights into your well-being, but it is not deterministic. Your traits can be influenced by the complex interplay involving nature, lifestyle, family history, and others.

Our reports have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The contents on our website and our reports are for informational purposes only, and are not intended to diagnose any medical condition, replace the advice of a healthcare professional, or provide any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Consult with a healthcare professional before making any major lifestyle changes or if you have any other concerns about your results. The testimonials featured may have used more than one LifeDNA or LifeDNA vendors’ product or reports.