What Is Sano Genetics? Everything You Need To Know

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What Is Sano Genetics? Everything You Need To Know

Date of Content:  January 25, 2024
Written by: Avanthika Nityanand
Reviewed by: Maarit Tiirikainen, Ph


About Sano Genetics

Sano Genetics, co-founded in 2017 by Charlotte Guzzo, Patrick Short, and William Jones at Cambridge University, offers a privacy-focused platform to facilitate patient involvement in medical research and clinical trials. The platform includes at-home genetic testing and supports research on various diseases like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. 

Sano’s mission involves advancing clinical operations in medicine, particularly as treatments become more targeted due to biomarker research. The company seeks to address the complexities of clinical trials by integrating genetic testing, recruitment, and long-term patient engagement into a single platform. This approach aims to streamline trial processes, potentially enhancing enrollment speed and facilitating research in personalized medicine. Sano focuses on accelerating clinical trials to improve patient care options in a rapidly evolving medical landscape.

Sano Genetics

Who Can Use Sano Genetics?

Sano Genetics provides services suitable for individuals interested in participating in medical research and clinical trials. Their platform is mainly for people who want to contribute their genetic and medical information to aid in research for various health conditions.  It includes individuals with specific health conditions seeking to contribute to research efforts in those areas. The platform makes it easier for these participants to engage in research activities from the comfort of their homes.


Genetic Testing

Sano offers genetic testing and counseling services tailored for clinical trials with a personalized medicine component. They provide at-home saliva DNA testing kits designed for ease and convenience, requiring less than ten minutes for self-administrating patients. The testing options available include whole exome, whole genome, single or multi-gene panels, and genotyping conducted in partnership with GxP/CLIA-CAP certified labs. Sano manages all aspects of this process, including logistics, patient support, and genetic counseling, while handling data generation, analytics, and reporting. Additionally, their at-home testing approach is cost-effective, potentially reducing expenses by up to 55% and alleviating the need for patients to visit a lab.

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Protocol Development

Sano’s approach in clinical trials is centered around patient engagement, emphasizing a streamlined patient journey. Their strategy includes designing studies focused on the patient experience and relevant outcomes. The process involves early-stage consultation and design optimization, with an understanding that early design adjustments can be more efficient and cost-effective compared to later stages, such as after protocol writing or trial launch. Sano provides expertise in refining study designs to enhance the overall patient experience in clinical trials.

Sano also creates tailored recruitment protocols and collaborates with clinical teams to strategize patient engagement through their platform. It includes screening, genetic testing, appropriate referrals, and ongoing patient interaction. Sano leverages its industry experience to assist in preparing the necessary documentation for ethics submissions. Their process is iterative and data-driven. It encompasses thorough management and evaluation at each step, aiming to enhance study delivery and reduce recruitment costs.

Prescreening and Digital Consent


The team at Sano emphasizes the importance of thorough prescreening in identifying eligible patients for clinical trials. They focus on creating a pre-screener that is both detailed and straightforward. This aids in identifying the correct patients for each study. This prescreening process is integrated into the Sano Platform, enabling patients to assess their potential eligibility. Sano’s approach to prescreening aims to simplify the clinical trial process and enhance patient engagement, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes.

Digital Consent

Consent is fundamental for ensuring patient education and empowerment in medical research. The Sano Platform incorporates digital consent, facilitating the collection and storage of participant consent efficiently. Sano’s approach to digital consent aligns with ethical and transparent research practices, streamlining the process. This feature is part of Sano’s broader effort to make the patient journey in medical research more seamless.

Check out the full list of their services here.

How It Works

In the context of clinical trials, the process comes in three phases:

  • Before: This involves sharing study details with potential participants, prescreening them, collecting e-consent, and conducting genetic testing, which may include result return and counseling.
  • During: The focus is on engaging participants through tailored communication flows and providing updates about the impact and results of their participation.
  • After: The process includes gathering feedback on the participation experience and maintaining contact with participants who may not qualify for the current trial but could be eligible for future ones.


Sano Genetics offers pricing information upon request.

Alternative to Sano Genetics: Why LifeDNA?

LifeDNA has emerged as a prominent option for analyzing 23andMe and many other raw data sources, owing to a combination of unique offerings and a commitment to personalized wellness.

We offer a basic DNA data analysis package to kickstart your journey. Users with raw data from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, etc., can access 194+ traits across interests such as Nutrition, Wellness, Vitamins and Supplements, Personality, Fitness, Sleep, Methylation, and Skincare.

Further, if you do not have raw DNA data, such as from 23andMe, LifeDNA provides that too. Start your personalized wellness journey with LifeDNA’s state-of-the-art DNA kits here.

Here is why many regard LifeDNA as the best option for making the most of your 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and other raw data:

  • Holistic Approach to Wellness: Unlike many other platforms that focus strictly on health-related risks or ancestry, LifeDNA adopts a holistic approach. We analyze genetic data to offer personalized optimizations for nutrition (including a customized grocery list!), skin care, vitamins & supplements, wellness, personality & cognition, and fitness. This range lets users get a complete picture of their wellness needs based on their DNA.
  • Product Recommendations: We go beyond just providing insights. We offer specific product recommendations, skincare ingredients, or supplements tailored to an individual’s genetic profile. It makes our service actionable, allowing users to make immediate changes based on their results.
  • Data Security: At LifeDNA, we place a high emphasis on protecting user data. Our commitment to privacy ensures that users can trust the platform with their sensitive genetic information.
  • User-Friendly Reports: LifeDNA reports are easy to interpret. Our reports are designed to be accessible to the layperson without compromising on the depth and accuracy of the information.
  • Continual Updates: As genetic research evolves, so does LifeDNA’s platform. Users can expect their reports and insights to be updated with the latest scientific findings.
  • Dedicated Research and Development: At LifeDNA, we invest in research to continually refine our algorithms, ensuring that the insights provided are based on cutting-edge science.
  • Educational Resources: LifeDNA also provides ample resources for users to understand their genetic makeup better. This education-first approach demystifies the complex world of genetics, making it approachable and actionable for everyone.
  • Scientific rigor: To create an unmatched commitment to scientific rigor, LifeDNA partners with CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited, and HIPAA-compliant laboratories.

Customer Reviews

Christopher Devlin
Christopher Devlin
LifeDNA Customer
Read More
I am so impressed with this service. I have even discussed these recommendations with my health care providers and they are all impressed too! I can’t compare it with other services as I have only tried this but I recommend. Also I think I pulled my genetics in from ancestry too which was super convenient.
LifeDNA Customer
Read More
Great source of information I was looking for a platform to make use of my existing raw data from Ancestry. I’m glad I found LifeDNA. I originally took a DNA test to learn about my roots and it’s great to know that my DNA could also play a big role in my health, diet, and even my skin. Overall, all the reports are incredible.
Shiraz Dole
Shiraz Dole
LifeDNA Customer
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It is crazy how I felt that I had a strong understanding of my bodies needs, but after having my DNA analyzed by the LifeDNA team, I realized that there was so much I still did not know.
Doc Sheila Lim
Doc Sheila Lim
LifeDNA Customer
Read More
I got some pretty useful insight that helped me with my diet.

*Understanding your genetics can offer valuable insights into your well-being, but it is not deterministic. Your traits can be influenced by the complex interplay involving nature, lifestyle, family history, and others.

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