What to Consider Before Buying LivingDNA Test Kit

Things To Consider Before Buying LivingDNA

DNA genetic testing has been around for well over a century but the latest technology has brought millions of people closer to their ancestral lineage, ergo, closer to knowing themselves better.


Users of genetic testing services such as Living DNA receive comprehensive ancestry reports from the company that show their ethnic background and ancestors’ migratory patterns. The company analyzes DNA samples from customers and offers in-depth genetic insights using cutting-edge technologies and the latest scientific research. Living DNA provides a variety of testing alternatives such as wellness, health, and ancestry tests, as well as a special family ancestry service that enables users to get in touch with living ancestors and learn more about their lineage.


Users of Living DNA also have the option of uploading their raw data to other genetic testing services. If you’re already taken a DNA test with LivingDNA and gain personalized insights into how you can start taking action on your overall wellness, check out LifeDNA’s plans today.

Understanding Genetic Testing

Throught genetic testing, you can learn a lot about your diet, wellness, personality, and even your hereditary tendencies for certain conditions.


The results of this analysis can identify distinct traits or changes in your existing traits that can provide you with insights into your health, your response to food, your body’s capacity to absorb particular vitamins and minerals, and even the reasons behind certain behavioral traits. 


Depending on how comprehensive your genetic testing findings are, you may receive your results in a few days or a few weeks. If you have DNA mutations test results, the likelihood of your family members having the same mutations increases because you share the same genes.

The Benefits of Doing Genetic Testing

Many extraordinary advantages come from genetic testing. Knowing your genetic predispositions for specific traits might help you better manage your nutrition, lifestyle, and personal habits because knowledge is power. Other benefits of quality genetic testing include:


  • Discovering your unique genetic traits

  • Identifying your genetic predispositions 

  • Exploring your personality, behaviour, and more.

  • Finding out what foods and nutrients work best for your unique body

  • and more!

Discovering your genetic predispositions and knowing the precise steps you need to take to maximize your well-being are both made possible by genetic testing. These tests can also assist medical experts in making diagnoses and therapy suggestions that are more precise for you.

The results of genetic testing include tips for improving your diet, exercise, wellbeing, skincare, and general well-being. It offers concrete advice on how to enhance both your general health and quality of life. Once you understand what is happening with your body and how to better manage challenges that are related to your genetic predisposition, you may lessen your wellness-related anxiety with this knowledge about your unique DNA traits.


What is Living DNA?

Founded in the United Kingdom, Living DNA is a genetic testing business that emerged from the joint efforts of more than a hundred renowned academic scholars, scientists, and genetic specialists all over the world.  


In any case, Living DNA offers practical at-home testing that grants users valuable information about their ancestry and overall well-being. The Well-being, Nutrition and Fitness test has been added to LivingDNA’s list of offerings, which previously only included ancestral DNA testing. With three alternative Living DNA tests now available that fit various budgets and interests, users of this DNA testing service now have a greater range of options. 


These tests provide insightful information about both well-being and ancestry. For ancestry or well-being, you may choose separate standalone kits, or you can choose the combined package for an in-depth overview of both genetic traits and what they can tell you about yourself

How LivingDNA Works


Living DNA’s home-testing kits are not only convenient, they are also pretty easy to use and accessible to most. The whole thing takes less than 10 minutes and can be done anywhere, but preferably in the comforts of your own home. 


  1. Order a test kit from Living DNA’s website, LivingDNA.com. Choose your package and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep. 

  2. Create an account on their website and follow the steps to know how you will receive the results of your Living DNA testing kit. 

  3. Here’s the part where you will make the most effort (not really). Take the swab from the DNA testing kit and swab the inside of your mouth. Be sure you have not eaten, drunk, or chewed gum for at least 30 minutes beforehand, then mail in your sample. That’s it!

  4. Wait for your results. This may take about six to eight weeks, depending on the details that come with the plan your ordered. An email should notify you if your results are ready for viewing.


If you’ve already had your DNA tested by Living DNA, you can use your raw data and upload them to another genetic testing service like LifeDNA so you can maximize your results and gain more insights about your wellness.

Privacy and Data Security

The security and privacy policies offered by the majority of DNA providers are essentially the same. Living DNA does its best to protect your data.


All genetic information is kept anonymous and is stored in a secure database, even the laboratory technicians who view your file won’t be able to identify you by name or other essential data.  


Data concerning those who use Living DNA is not sold by the company to any third parties. The company promises to store users’ data responsibly and not misuse it. You can choose to opt in to allow third parties to share your information for research purposes, and you can decide to opt-out at any time. However, Living DNA uses compiled information to enhance the caliber of its systems.


The genetic testing business also strives to keep its systems, servers, and data storage up to date and targets the greatest standards of security for the data of its consumers. They use secure databases and make sure that user data is completely anonymous before it is seen by outside parties, like the lab partner of Living DNA. Users are also allowed to delete their data at any point in time they deem necessary.

Pricing and Value for Money 

Users of Living DNA can choose between three plans. Costing $114 is their Full Ancestry Kit. The autosomal DNA, mtDNA, and Y-DNA sequences are all covered by this test. The good news is that the company regularly offers specials that further drive down the price of the test kit. 


The cost of a Well-being Kit, which retails for $139, is comparable to the cost of many companies’ health testing. You will learn how genetics affects how your body breaks down certain vitamins, food kinds, and the workout regimen that can best help you, from weight control to strength and stamina. Recognize how genetics affects your lifestyle decisions and how to improve your health.


The Living DNA Well-Being and Ancestry Kit costs $179 and offers the best of both worlds if you want the whole experience. The combined well-being and ancestry DNA kit puts all the advantages of the two comprehensive products together for our most comprehensive experience. The combined DNA kit will provide you the ability to fully comprehend your genealogy, bringing to life family histories and revealing goal-oriented well-being reports that improve the quality of your life.


There are other genetic services that are available apart from Living DNA. Some of them are cheaper, some are more expensive, and others are in the same price range. Choosing which one suits your needs is the key to knowing which genetic testing service to avail. With Living DNA, they focus more on full ancestry reports to help you trace back your ancestral lineage. Their well-being reports are fairly new but they aren’t holding back on their resources to compete with other top-notch genetic testing companies that cater to health and fitness.

Rewards of Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is a highly personal decision. Every person has the choice of whether or not they want to learn more about their DNA and how the findings might affect their daily lives. Choosing Living DNA as your genetic testing service can provide you with a wide range of knowledge about your ancestry and your well-being. 


If you’ve already taken a test with Living DNA, you can use your raw data to unlock more personalized insights about your body, nutrition, and wellness. Maximize your raw data with LifeDNA today and unlock additional insights into your well-being.

*Understanding your genetics can offer valuable insights into your well-being, but it is not deterministic. Your traits can be influenced by the complex interplay involving nature, lifestyle, family history, and others.

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